Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Your investing companion, Michigan REIA. written by: Joe Duff

Everybody wants to invest when they have the ability to do so, it could be availability of capital or an unique idea of its kind. As an investor it is very important to understand market trends in your locality, countrywide and then globally. Why? Being abreast with such information gives you perfect timing to get your plans working. As the most successful investors will attest to, it's all about networking and sharing of ideas that your dreams become worth. Michigan REIA is such one place.

What is REIA?

It stands for Real Estate Investors Association. Basically the association brings together investors whether new or established and gives them a platform to grow and learn. The members of the group are very devoted and they arrange meetings often which are usually in the evenings after work. Attending the meeting is free of charge to first timers but members are advised to pay membership fees so as support the daily errands of the association. 

How do Michigan REIA operate?

Once a member of the association you are destined to achieving your dreams. REIA educates you on the existing real estate opportunities and any other information relevant to you. For example, the board members liaise with the Michigan authorities and are aware of any new policies that may affect the real estate industry. With such information, the association ensures that its members are not affected.
More so, during the meeting there are invited guests ranging from successful investors, accountants, real estate agents, real estate buyers and the surrounding community. At this juncture, you get to fully understand all aspects involved in the real estate world. The main goal of the group is to network as many investors together and make their business endeavors successful. At the meeting is a marketing drop box that holds business cards, brochures and fliers of the various business involved.

Why Michigan REIA is the best fit for you.

Nevertheless, it is not only about joining a REIA club but there are a few considerations to take note. They include;-
(a) The governing board of members. The board members are successful investors in the real estate industry through the club. This gives you hope and confidence as a member that one day you will make it if they too did.
(b) Monthly meetings. The group organizes meetings at least twice per month. This has being the stepping stone to our success. The more times you meet the greater the ideas become.
(c) Vast selection of speakers during meetings. Michigan REIA cares about you and that's why we bring on board speakers from all over the county and also from other parts of the world when they visit.
(d) We convert your membership into benefits. At times you might be held up and you did not attend the previous meeting. That should not worry you as you will have access to disks with live recordings courtesy of your membership fee.
(e) The club should be well marketed online. It should have an active website that connects to other members as soon as you want them just as we have done it for our members.
(f) We are organized. The club has an upcoming events notification system through mailings and an online calendar.
As per the description of the above benefits, they are available at Michigan REIA. Make us your real estate investors club of your choice and we promise to be the best investing companions. We turn dreams into reality.

Michigan REIA Host:  Mark Maupin
Michigan REIA Phone 248-752-0800
Michigan REIA Email:
Questions & Answers  4-6 pm
Main Real Estate Speaker 6-8 pm
Meets 3rd Thursday each month at Detroit College